Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, also called natural hormone therapy, is an alternative method of replacing low or absent levels of a hormone in the body. This form of treatment uses synthetic or natural hormones that are identical to endogenous levels. In many cases, bioidentical therapy is an excellent choice for patients who do not respond to their body's own natural hormones. If bioidentical therapy is right for you, here are some benefits to consider. Check it out!

Bioidentical hormones are identical to those produced by the body and therefore are safe to use. Although the FDA has recognized the term "bioidentical hormone therapy," some pharmacies may be misusing the term. Despite the name, this treatment can have many side effects. Contrary to popular belief, the side effects tend to subside as the hormone levels in the body balance out. Symptoms can range from cramping and bloating to increased acne and irritability.

Some side effects of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy include bloating, facial hair, breast cancer, and gallbladder disease. The treatment has also been linked to an increased risk of blood clots and stroke. The use of synthetic hormones should not be a substitute for natural estrogen and progesterone. The risks of bioidentical hormones are similar to those of synthetic hormones, and therefore bioidentical hormones should not cause side effects or medical problems.

A bioidentical hormone therapy is more likely to be effective than a synthetic one. The FDA has approved certain kinds of bioidentical hormones, including estradiol in pill form and micronized progesterone (Prometrium). Moreover, the process of developing a personalized treatment plan for each patient means that your physician can formulate a customized formulation and dose. A doctor may consult with a compounding pharmacy, who will use a compounding pharmacy to create the right dose for each patient.

In a bioidentical hormone therapy, the doctor will use plant estrogens in a natural way. Typically, this hormone is obtained from the body's own glands. It will be made in a laboratory, and it will not contain the same contaminants as synthetic hormones. In addition to being safe, bioidentical hormones may be effective for more treatment of conditions like menopause. They are often customized to the lifestyle and needs of each patient.

As a part of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, hormones are created from plant-based materials instead of animal-derived ones. These compounds are thought to be more natural than synthetic hormones, and are a better choice for many patients. Because they are created from plant-based materials, they are considered to be more effective and safe than their synthetic counterparts. They do not cause any adverse effects and can be used safely for patients with medical conditions.

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